In this issue: Youth In Need celebrates an important graduation and welcomes new Board members.

Congratulations, Graduate!

It’s graduation season, and Youth In Need couldn’t be prouder to celebrate a very special graduate.

Natasha’s story, featured in the 2019 United Way campaign video, is one of resilience and determination. And despite the circumstances that led her to Youth In Need, Natasha is so much more than what happened to her. “I am ready to show that to the world,” Natasha said from the stage at Youth In Need’s 2020 Celebration of Youth.

Tragically, Natasha lost her mom when she was only 12, and her subsequent living situations were filled with instability. She immersed herself in school, track and swim to help cope, but became homeless in high school. Fortunately, Natasha found Youth In Need’s Transitional Living Program (TLP), where she discovered the stability, compassion and support she needed to develop her potential. In addition to

support from Youth In Need’s staff, Natasha became connected to Board member Mary Krogmeier along the way. Mary helped Natasha apply for college and has remained a mentor. Resilient and driven, Natasha finished high school while she was at TLP.  She went to college in Ohio on a track scholarship, returning on holidays and summers, and Youth In Need continued to offer support and encouragement from afar.

Natasha completed her classes in December and walked in her college graduation this month. Mary was there to cheer her on. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for Natasha’s future!

Youth In Need Welcomes New Board Members

Since November, Youth In Need has added five new members to its Board of Directors. Welcome!

Kristi Borglum is an Advisor at Moneta, where she monitors changes in the financial industry and determines and communicates the impact of those changes on clients.

Dr. Maggie Johnson Glover, Ph.D., R.N., is Associate Chief Nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where she supports the hospital’s patient care services operations, focusing on clinical improvement initiatives, leader development and staff recruitment and retention. She also is a retired U.S. Navy captain.

Kim Hager is a Personnel Manager at QuikTrip, where she supervises staff, customer and employee relations, hiring, training, legal, financial and communications operations

Kirsten Malloy is an Interior Designer at eddy Design Group, where she works directly with clients to design spaces that best meet their needs. Kirsten also serves as the Co-Chair of Youth In Need’s Young Professionals Group.

Jason Parrish is an Associate General Manager for Econdisc Contracting Solutions, working with Cigna/Express Scripts, where he is responsible for contract negotiations and supplier relations of more than 5,000 generic drug products.