The Bluestocking Institute’s new book, Lessons for Social Change in the Global Economy, grew out of its Lifecycles project.

Lessons for Social Change in the Global Economy: Voices from the Field


In the face of globalization’s massive social and economic transformations and the resulting persistent inequality, activists, labor organizers, and advocacy NGOs are seeking and creating change beyond the confines of formal state politics and across national borders. Given the breadth of local issues activists face, the ways they define the problem and seek redress vary widely.

This book provides a unique perspective on these efforts, gathering into one volume concrete examples of the implementation of different strategies for social change that highlight the challenges involved. This provides useful lessons for those involved in social change, as well as for those studying it. Contributors to the volume are scholars and practitioners around the world, and they draw on strong connections with people working in the field to improve working conditions and environmental standards of global production systems. This allows readers to develop a more comprehensive and grounded understanding of strategies for social change. Contributors draw upon different ways of creating change, which include corporate social responsibility schemes, fair trade regimes, and community radio. By providing insight into the potential and limitations of actions taken at different levels, the book encourages a critical perspective on efforts for social change, grounded in an understanding of how conditions around the world can affect these activities.

Details and discussion questions available here.

Contributions by Sarah Adler-Milstein; Caroline Baillie; Mark Barenberg; Kristina Areskog Bjurling; Jessica Champagne; Bharati Chaturvedi; Sky Croeser; Ralph Early; Eric Feinblatt; Shae Garwood; Theresa Haas; Michael Heasman; Claire Litton-Cohn; Sanjiv Pandita and Fahmi Panimbang.


Shae Garwood is honorary research fellow at the University of Western Australia.

Sky Croeser is a lecturer at Curtin University, Perth.

Christalla Yakinthou works with the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Conflict, Cooperation, and Security.