Community Education

In 2013, we launched our Book and Film Club, which meets bi-monthly to discuss global political and social issues in books, movies, podcasts, blogspots… You can suggest a film or book, read the latest entries on our blog, and add your comments.​ Check out our Facebook group for details of the next meeting.

For the past three years, the Bluestocking Institute has been engaged in a project focused on the production, consumption and disposal of everyday items. As part of this project, we ran a series of workshops on clothing, food, and electronics, and a book has been published on how people can improve production systems for a more just world. The book, Lessons for Social Change in the Global Economy, is available from Lexington Books. Details and discussion questions are available here.

We launched our discussion group in February 2011. The group met monthly to discuss recent global events, usually focusing on one key issue. The central topic for discussion at the first gathering was the Egyptian uprising.  Since then topics included corporate lobbying, nuclear energy, natural disasters, and China’s response to the Jasmine Revolution. Check out our previous blog for past discussion topics.

The Bluestocking Institute regularly provides community education courses. The most recent one was a four-week course on Globalisation: Understanding the global issues that affect us all, held through the Mature Adult Learning Association.  The course provided participants with insights into the kaleidoscope of ‘globalisation’. It included an overview of major issues and debates, with real life accounts and examples. Further details in the course guide.